The CII-Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre organised 'Green Power 2005', a two-day national conference cum exposition on renewable energy in Chennai recently. Mr G M Pillai, Director General, WISE, was one of the key speakers at the plenary session, where he spoke on 'Power sector policy modalities for encouraging grid connected renewable power in India'. In his presentation, Mr. Pillai said that renewable energy could contribute significantly to India's energy security. But the renewable industry lacks the detailed scientific studies and statistics to back this statement. He therefore urged the industry to play a more active role in initiating such studies - as done in Germany and the US - and formulating energy related policies. He further added that dependence on oil and coal imports to meet our energy needs is jeopardising the energy security of our nation as well as putting a severe strain on the exchequer. Hence, encouraging renewable energy initiatives is the need of the hour.

Mr Ramesh Kymal, Chairman, Green Power 2005, and Chairman, Renewable Energy Council, CII-GBC, spoke of the need to draw up a national level renewable energy policy. He added that the state electricity regulatory commissions should specify the renewable portfolio standard (RPS) and suggested that a renewable energy fund be created through a ‘green cess’ on the conventional electricity consumed, which could provide credit guarantee for green power projects. Readers may be aware that both the RPS as well as green cess have already been introduced in Maharashtra, thanks to the pioneering efforts of Mr G M Pillai, who was then Director General, Maharashtra Energy Development Agency (MEDA), Pune. (For details refer Nov-Dec 2004 issue of GEW). WISE was an active participant at the conference and had set up its stall displaying various information material and publications of the institute. The stall received a tremendous response from the audience who evinced an enthusiastic interest in the activities of the institute. The Minister for Electricity and Transport, Govt. of Tamil Nadu, Mr R Viswanathan, made a special visit to the WISE stall along with Mr R Satpathy, Secretary for Energy, Govt. of Tamil Nadu. The minister appreciated the efforts made by WISE in promoting renewable energy in the country.