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This learning workshop was undertaken by WISE at the behest of the Centre for South Asian Studies, University of Oxford, UK. In this unique workshop, academic participants were involved in self-learning of the various economic and non-economic methodologies recently developed across several disciplines. The participants included senior economists and social scientists from the Oxford University, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Madras School of Economics, and other institutions and disciplines. The major methodologies taken up for self-learning included Life-Cycle Analysis, Externality Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, and Technology Assessment. Rice cultivation was taken as the focal point of discussion for the application of these methodologies, to draw out the various policy implications related to sustainability, employment and equity, climate implications, and so on. Exchange of inter-disciplinary perspectives also included the role of conventional energy and renewable energy for the future. This activity was undertaken on a no-profit basis by WISE as a contribution to further knowledge development and learning in increasingly complex spheres of sustainability policy and climate change.


Wise-Oxford learning workshop on materiality of rice