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WISE, in association with APECS Consultancy, Bhutan, and financial support from the Austrian Development Agency, extended technical and training support to the Department of Renewable Energy (DRE), Government of Bhutan, for promoting the use of solar water heating systems in the country’s building sector. The outcome of the project was a handbook on the operation and maintenance of SWH systems and development of the National Action Plan (NAP), 2018, for solar water heating systems for Bhutan, spanning the next five years.

WISE analysed the issues, faults and failures in the installed systems and executed the technical capacity building programme in June 2019 for solar system installers, training institutes, DRE staff, etc. WISE also supported DRE staff in the assessment of project locations for installation of new solar hot water systems as part of its energy efficiency initiative to replace inefficient electric water heating systems with efficient ones.