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Last Updated:  22 February 2024

The central government has sanctioned the implementation of the Green Energy Corridor Phase-II (GEC-II) project, aimed at establishing an inter-state transmission system (ISTS) to support a 13 GW renewable energy project in Ladakh.

The project aims to enhance the transmission infrastructure necessary for evacuating power generated from renewable sources in Ladakh. The ISTS GEC-II project consist construction of approximately 713 km of transmission lines, covering 1,268 ckm, and the installation of two 5 GW high voltage direct current terminals in Ladakh (Pang) and Kaital (Haryana). The infrastructure will facilitate the transmission of electricity generated from renewable energy projects totaling 13 GW capacity, along with a 12 GWh battery energy storage system in Ladakh. The cost of project is about Rs 207.73 billion, the Central Financial Assistance covers 40 per cent of the project cost, amounting to Rs 83.09 billion. Power Grid Corporation of India Limited will implement the project, financing the remaining project costs through debt and equity. The project is scheduled for completion by 2029-30.

Source: https://powerline.net.in/2024/02/22/india-sanctions-green-energy-corridor-phase-ii-project-in-ladakh/#:~:text=India%20sanctions%20Green%20Energy%20Corridor%20Phase%2DII%20project%20in%20Ladakh,-February%2022%2C%202024&text=The%20central%20government%20has%20sanctioned,renewable%20energy%20project%20in%20Ladakh