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Last Updated:  23 February 2024

On Sunday, February 25, 2024, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) is set to conduct “Pehel 2024,” a series of environment-friendly activities on the occasion of Saint Gadge Baba Jayanti and National Science Day. PMC organizes this program annually, featuring initiatives like a deep cleaning drive, waste sorting awareness, and the eradication of chronic waste spots.

The ambitious campaign will span the entire Pune City, with over 400 collection centers to be established. This initiative aims to promote separate collection, proper management, and scientific recycling of waste, addressing the challenges posed by e-waste and plastic waste.

“Pehel 2024” will be executed in collaboration with Cummins India Foundation, KPIT, and local social organizations specializing in environmental causes. The program will kick off the e-waste and plastic collection campaign in Pune City. Interested citizens are encouraged to register between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

As part of the program schedule:

  • E-waste and plastic collection in schools and colleges will occur on February 24.
  • Awareness programs will be organized at various levels on February 18, with sermons scheduled for February 23.

PMC has issued an appeal to all residents of Pune City to actively participate in the “Pehel 2024” campaign on the day of collection. Citizens are urged to bring their e-waste or plastic waste to the nearest collection center.

Following the event, salvageable items from the collected e-waste will be repaired and donated to needy students and educational needs. The remaining items will be handed over to organizations registered with the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board.

Source: https://pune.news/city/pune/pune-nibe-limited-becomes-knowledge-partner-for-maharashtra-msme-defence-expo-in-moshi-142447/