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Last Updated: May 2023

Global Status Report

Renewables Global Status Report
As the world’s only crowd-sourced report on renewable energy, the Renewables 2023 Global Status Report (GSR) is in a class of its own. It covers policies, markets, and much more, while telling the most up-to-date global story on renewable energy.

Since 2005, the GSR has worked with its many contributors to put the spotlight on ongoing developments and emerging trends that shape the future of renewable energy. Producing this report each year is a truly collaborative effort of hundreds of experts contributing data, reviewing chapters and co-authoring the report. Read more here.

Renewables 2023 Global Status Report
This year’s edition (18th) has evolved in design and structure to reflect the fundamental changes in the global energy landscape.

The new structure is in the form of a collection of five publications:

In addition to presenting the trends in renewable energy supply, it also dives into the energy demand sectors with dedicated modules on buildings, industry, transport and agriculture. It includes a publication on energy systems and infrastructure with renewables as well as a publication on renewables for economic and social value creation, acknowledging the key role that energy plays across economies and societies.
Collectively these five publications offer readers a systemic global overview of the current uptake of renewables.

Explore the interactive online version of the report:
you can read it from beginning to end, move around within a Module or jump between sections using the handy links. It is available for translation in over 100 languages.

This new modular structure makes the GSR a key tool in expanding the renewable energy discussion into key sectors and ecosystems, developing a shared language and driving a stronger integration of supply, demand, infrastructure, market and investment.

Source Link: https://www.ren21.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/GSR2023_Demand_Modules.pdf