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Pioneering a Greener Tomorrow

Established in 2004, WISE has charted a sustainable energy pathway for India and beyond, ensuring a brighter, cleaner future for all.

Powering India's Renewable Revolution

From the first-ever offshore wind power collaboration to creating state-level renewable action plans, we’ve been at the forefront of India’s green transition.

Vision for a Sustainable World

Imagine a world with equitable access to clean energy, air, and water; where sustainability and harmony are the norms. That’s our vision. Join us on this journey.

Advocating for Global Renewable Change

From Asia-Pacific to West Africa, our international collaborations amplify our impact, driving sustainable energy agendas across continents.

Strengthening the RE Industry

Bridging policy and practice, we’re fostering innovation, financing, and skill development to elevate the renewable energy sector to new heights.

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All About Renewables

About the Portal

India is making steady progress in the development of renewables. But information about current trends and growth trajectories, policy and regulatory reforms, financing and market updates, etc., pertaining to renewable energy is either not easily available, and if available, is dispersed in nature, resulting in searching for data in more than one website/portal, and wasting precious time in the process.

All About Renewables‘ aims to bring about a change in the way we ‘look and search’ for data on renewables today, by providing access to the latest developments in the renewable energy sector (specifically renewable electricity), along with cross-linkages to the conventional energy sector, all on one single platform.

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