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The Asia Pacific Centre for Technology Transfer (APCTT) under the UNESCAP assigned WISE a project for developing national strategy reports for Indonesia and Lao PDR.

As part of the project, APCTT appointed G M Pillai, Founder Director General, WISE, as an international consultant to develop national strategy reports in cooperation with consultants from the two pilot countries. Along with the preparation of the strategy reports, national workshops on sustainable energy options and national strategy development were organised in Indonesia and Lao PDR. APCTT was aided in identifying institutions and businesses in three other countries, namely India, Nepal, and Thailand, and study tours were organised for policymakers and decision-makers from Indonesia and Lao PDR to these countries. This assignment was successfully completed with the presentation of the National Strategy reports at the national stakeholder consultative workshops organised in Vientiane, Lao PDR, and Jakarta, Indonesia, in May 2014.