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The project supported by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation entailed conducting a comprehensive review of the implementation of the energy efficiency programme in India, along with policies, administration procedures, and institutional framework. The study also required WISE to provide specific implementation support to a state designated agency for supporting energy efficiency programs at the state level.

WISE evaluated impacts of major sectoral initiatives in the energy efficiency space including PAT, ECBC, Standards and labelling standards, and demand side management schemes for agriculture and municipal sectors. The study included extensive primary and secondary research, administering stakeholder surveys and interviews. The study also reviewed and evaluated the funding mechanism for the existing energy efficiency programmes, institutional framework in India, and the potential of energy efficiency in mitigating climate change. It also looked at the structure and role of State Designated Agencies (SDAs) as per the Energy Conservation Act, and taking a hands-on approach, worked with state designated agency in Kerala, the Energy Management Centre (EMC), Thiruvananthapuram to provide guidelines and specific action points for implementation and roll out of new energy efficiency programs. WISE carried out two workshops under the program and provided guidance to the stakeholders on energy efficiency improvements for other industries.

The study provided many insightful recommendations in the area of scheme design, scheme implementation (PAT/ECBC/Standards and Labelling), institutional strengthening and energy efficiency financing. The work with the state designated agency assessed program dissemination and success and suggested some innovative government support schemes and user engagement strategies that went beyond normal electricity consumer categories to also include transport energy use. The team also provided guidance on institutional strengthening and administrative process changes to improve program delivery and information dissemination. To enable wider dissemination of the study outputs, the reports and other deliverables were converted to local language Malyalam.

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