Under the project, WISE aims to upscale and enhance its institutional capacities and leverage them towards benefitting and strengthening power sector utilities, especially in meeting the emerging disruptive technological innovations and challenges in the sector.

WISE will be developing three research documents/approach papers on
1) direct benefit transfer (DBT) of electricity subsidy,
2) a new regulatory framework for energy storage technologies and
3) a primer on digitalisation opportunities in Maharashtra. The project is supported by Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, New Delhi.

The direct benefit transfer study focuses on the agricultural sector in Maharashtra and aims to develop an approach paper on new DBT power supply models that would transfer the agricultural subsidy directly to the farmers while utilising the benefits of government schemes.

The second approach paper on regulatory models for energy storage aims to review and analyse the challenges related to the definition and asset classification of energy storage in grid applications and suggest new regulatory models that allow bulk energy storage providers to monetize multiple value streams, in addition to claiming fixed capacity payments under specific service types. Both the approach papers will be peer-reviewed.

In continuation with its interest and focus on the state of Maharashtra, WISE has also prepared a primer that seeks to suggest potential opportunities for digitalization in the state. The project is ongoing since October 2019.