WISE was appointed Consumer Counsel by the Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) (2011-12 – till date). The Centre for Regulation and Policy (CRP) assisted the Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) in the systematic analysis of annual revenue requirement (ARR) and tariff petitions submitted by the power utilities of the state for the coming financial year 2021-22. The power utilities that submitted the petitions were generating, transmission and distribution companies, bulk suppliers, and load despatch centres.

The scope of work involved preparing a summary of each petition for public analysis of the ARR and tariff petitions filed by the utilities from the consumer’s perspective and presenting the analysis during public hearings at OERC.

As consumer counsel, the Centre attended the public hearing at OERC in the month of February 2021 and presented their opinion on the ARR submitted by each utility before the OERC. CRP summarised the utility-wise objectors’ submissions and respective utility’s replies received before and after the public hearing. The summaries and detailed analyses were incorporated in the respective tariff orders issued by OERC.