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The Centre for Regulation and Policy was appointed by the Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission (MPERC) for the preparation of a discussion paper and associated work for tariff determination of eight RE technologies – solar, wind, biomass, bagasse-based co-generation, small hydro, biogas, hybrid and waste-to-energy. The scope of work under each assignment included, 1) Preparation of an approach paper with consideration of factors affecting the tariff for RE power projects which inter – alia includes (i) capital cost, (ii) life, (iii) plant Load factor, (iv) O&M charges, (v) fuel cost related parameters, if applicable, and (vi) financial parameters like depreciation, interest on loan and interest on working capital, loan repayment period etc. 2) Attending the public hearing arranged by the Commission, analyse the suggestions/objections made by the stakeholders before and after public hearing and incorporate the same in subsequent documentation. 3) Submission of final reasoned analysis and tariff order to the Commission.

On completion of the scope of activities, the aforesaid tariff orders will be issued during the next financial year.