The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), GoI, took on board the Centre for Regulation and Policy (CRP), WISE, to revisit and evaluate the implementation of its off-grid and decentralised solar PV applications programme (Phase-II) for five states, viz Jammu & Kashmir, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha, Manipur, and Mizoram by collecting information from state implementing agencies, beneficiaries and other stakeholders, assess the performance of the applications designed for different stakeholders, and develop the way forward for the continuation of the programme, along with required modifications in the implementation process of the scheme.

Key tasks carried out under the evaluation study were, assessing the status of implementation of projects sanctioned under the scheme, collecting and assessing feedback from stakeholders on the implementation of the scheme, assessing the barriers, constraints, and remedial measures, and the impact of the scheme on living conditions, livelihoods and solar energy sector, conducting a cost-benefit analysis of the applications supported and indicate whether the intended objective is accomplished, and assessing the efficacy of implementation models introduced by  MNRE  in the guidelines,   recommending modifications where necessary.

The efficacy of the implementation model was assessed/analysed by adopting a two-phase approach: (i)  data collection through holding consultation with the implementing agencies, vendors, end users and subject experts,  (ii) direct data collection from the field visits of the five states and conducting consultations with field-level stakeholders like state implementing agency, vendor, end user/beneficiary and O&M service provider. For the purpose of data collection through consultation meetings and field-level surveys, structured questionnaires and formats were prepared for various stakeholders. The templates and data points were discussed with MNRE to ensure coverage and to draw clear outcomes from the field visits. A comparison of programme achievements to what was stipulated in the initial programme document in terms of objectives was done along with conclusions and recommendations. The final report will be submitted in the month of April 2021 to MNRE.

The Centre for Regulation and Policy prepared the approach paper after analyzing the relevant policy and regulations applicable in the state as well as the data associated with the technology. The final order was prepared after incorporating the comments/suggestions received. The aforesaid tariff order was issued in FY 2020-21.