Rohit Bhalunkar

Rohit Bhalunkar

Web Master

Rohit Bhalunkar is an expert in B2B sales and marketing strategies, tactical planning for lead generation and B2B strategic account management. He has an experience of 22 years in executing software projects through his company HariSoft. He is currently working with small and medium businesses in India, UK and USA helping them built their Web presence. He likes to build tools & work on platforms for customer acquisition, engagement and experience management.

Consulting to businesses in better REVENUE growth (30% to 100%) year on through developing Brand Image, Websites & Social Media Platform, Lead Generation Marketing with Social Media and PPC marketing.

Helping small and medium businesses in developing strategic digital marketing solutions through various Online Web Platforms which will help them get more business, faster.

Helped companies in the following:

  • Accelerate Revenue growth through more effective B2B & B2C marketing, generating better leads.
  • Building Tools & Platforms for Customer Acquisition and Customer Engagement.
  • Grow existing business through Strategic Account Management.

Helped businesses scale the revenue growth through Digital Marketing & Branding 30% in the first year of engagement.
Helped Small Business Owners achieve Google Rankings for their business keywords, gaining then online visibility.

Expertise in Website On Page Search Engine Optimization & Content Marketing.
Maintaining & Auditing of Websites & Social Pages on Annual Contracts.
Providing fast and reliable Web Hosting environment to 500+ businesses in India having 99.99% up-time.


  • Customer Engagement
  • Customer Acquisition
  • B2B Marketing & Sales
  • B2B Strategic Account Management (SAM)
  • B2B Content Marketing
  • B2B Social Media
  • Social Media Marketing & Coaching
  • Lead Generation Marketing & Coaching
  • PPC Marketing
  • B2B Analytics & ROI