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The key objective of this project was to assess the key challenges facing wind and solar manufacturing in India and suggest policy measures for supporting India’s ambitious target of 160 GW RE by 2022. Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation funded WISE and CSTEP jointly to undertake this project.

WISE focused on identifying and addressing the challenges facing wind power manufacturing (CSTEP focused on solar energy). To this end, it consulted diverse stakeholders including wind turbine manufacturers, component suppliers, wind technology importers/exporters, policymakers and experts from other sectors to map the key barriers to wind turbine and component manufacturing in India. WISE also reviewed key supply chain components and developed a short to medium term sourcing strategy (import or manufacture) for these components, based on macro-economic criteria, material and resource constraints, techno-economic feasibility and international market dynamics. One long-term strategy included recommendations on specific policy measures in finance, science and technology, technology standards and IPR to facilitate 100% indigenization.

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